Trusty Gussets Oz Walk

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Drum roll please….as we welcome our next group of intrepid PodandPiggers, the Trusty Gussets. Not to be confused with the seminal UK punk band, the Rusty Gussets, our set of gussets are helping raise funds from all the way over in Perth, Australia.

Led by Pete’s sister Steph (she’s the one in the shades in the picture above), this group of wonderful women will be walking 32km along the coast of Western Australia from South Fremantle up to Hilary’s Boat Harbour, which, if you click on the link, you’ll see looks just like Blackpool Pleasure Beach on a cold November night. However they will not be wearing cycle helmets as that would be a bit weird. Or maybe they will, we’ll never know.

A massive thank you to Trusty Gusset for getting up and at ’em Down Under. We wish you well on the walk and thanks a million for all your help!


Huge congratulations to the Gussets who completed their walk today in 5Hrs 20Mins (including pee and poo stops!!!!).

Ready to go…..

Last sweaty steps……

At Hillary’s Harbour with a few gatecrashers…

Pig’s big sis Steph with our pals Lauren, Ste, Linna & the cheeky Taff (Steph’s other arf) enjoying well earned fodder (well Steph at least)…….


Again a HUGE HUGE thank you for supporting the cause, so proud of you all (even you Taff)……….

Big love, Pod and Pig xxxx


The Rusty Gussets were not a seminal UK punk band, but should have been.

Any resemblance Blackpool Pleasure Beach has to Hillary’s Boat Harbour is entirely untrue.