Ste’s Hell Up North

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This hairy scary fella is our pal Ste Holton. When not bathing in muddy lakes Ste works at a builders merchants in deepest, darkest Staffordshire. Which is probably why he likes bathing in muddy lakes as it’s apparently a very common past time in that part of the country. Ste has very kindly signed up for Hell Up North, at Delamere Forest on the 14th October 2017. Why? Well because firstly he enjoys this kind of thing. And secondly he wants to support Pod and Pig.

With this in mind it will be Ste’s great pleasure to tackle over 6 miles of very steep hills designed to weaken his physical resolve, followed by another 7 miles of mud and cold water obstacles and yet more hill climbs designed to break any remaining physical or mental resistance he has left.

Ste we salute you! We may even turn out to applaud you. But we certainly won’t be joining you.

Please, please, please give some meaning to this insanity by sponsoring Ste on his epic adventure.

Much love and respect,

Pod and Pig


****Post event update***

Pictures are worth a thousand words apparently. So it’s time to shut up and let you take a look at these before/after pictures. Priceless!

In Ste’s own words…”That were hard work! It wasn’t as hard as that last year. Everything was wet, even the bits that were dry last year. I mean paths and stuff not body parts. They all got wet!”

Ste, a massive thank you from Pod and Pig. You’ve been to hell and back for us. Amazeballs!