Si & Dunc’s Dares

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Meet Duncan, he’s a cuz of Pig’s missus Jorgie.

When Duncan heard about Podandpig he immediately stripped naked (god know’s where) frollicked around and sent the photo’s to the rest of his family saying ‘that’s gotta be worth a fiver or something…..’

Donations then followed.

Well Simon, another cuz, does not like to be outdone by Duncan.

Question is what would Simon & Duncan be prepared to do for more donations…………….

Email Pig your dares and how much you’ll donate if it gets done. When it’s done we will provide full and candid documentary evidence on this page.

Bear in mind that Duncan once put himself inside a cement mixer and went round and round whilst smoking a fag!

So don’t hold back – unleash the power of Pod and Pig!


The first dare has come through and its for Simon, who’s the shy one in the middle of the photo below:

Huwbert has dared Si to window shop on Market Street in Manchester city centre for an hour.  The only catch is he needs to be wearing a pod and pig t-shirt tied at the side, stockings/suspenders, matching knickers and heels. With a Debbie Harry wig and sunnies to preserve his anonymity if he wishes. For this act of derring do I’ll donate £100.

Well given the public nature of this dare, we’re thinking that it is worth a bit more than £100, so its now got a £250 price tag to secure the deal.

So if anybody else would like to see the lovely Si don said outfit and hit toon centre, then drop me a line (Email Pig) and pledge and make it happen!

Cheers & thanks

Love Pod & Pig x