Jan’s WindyMere Madness

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Meet Jan, she’s Pete’s sister in law and a keen open water swimmer, er well at least when she’s in crystal clear 20 degree water off the coast of Kefalonia!

Training in Kefalonia…

Not only is she going to swim 10.5 miles, which is a ginormously ridiculous distance to swim, she’s going to do this in lake Windamere, not known for being either warm or crystal clear!

Ok, she’s done plenty open water in uk conditions too…

Windamere 10K, already done!

Training in Yarrow reservoir

We can only doff our Caps in total respect for this incredible challange and thank you big time for doing it in aid of podandpig.

Jan & no. 1 fan, Pete’s bro Mike……

Thank you once again

Loads of love

Pod & Pig xxxx