Fitzy’s Hell Up North

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Some folk say that it’s Grim Up North. But what do they know? Turns out that it’s worse than that. It’s Hell.

Which is what our two hapless heroes, pictured above with Pete, will find out soon enough. Without having any real understanding of what they were letting themselves in for, Fitzy and Mad Mike have signed up for Hell Up North, at Delamere Forest on the 14th October 2017.

Too late to back out now, they are going to have to endure over 6 miles of very steep hills designed to weaken their physical resolve, followed by another 7 miles of mud and cold water obstacles and yet more hill climbs designed to break any remaining physical or mental resistance that they have left.

Gentlemen we salute you! We may even turn out to applaud you. But we certainly won’t be joining you.

Please, please, please give some meaning to this insanity by sponsoring them both on this epic adventure.

Love you lads,

Pod and Pig



******************************* POST EVENT UPDATE *****************************************


Well, the intrepid duo showed up, tripped, stumbled, laughed and conquered Hell Up North – Pah! to the Bog Of Doom……..

Sod walking, lets swim for it!

Fancy a hug?

Hell-up-north… DONE

Pod & Pig salute you amazing eeygits!!