DAFs get Peaky

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Friends and family of both Pod and Pig are setting out to walk the 24miles and nearly 1600m of ascent and descent that is the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge, in less than 12 hours.

Danny (Pig’s sister) & Alison (a pal of both) had the initial crazy idea to do a wapping walk for Pod&Pig, they chose the 3 peaks, then managed to gather momentum and recruit many fellow walkers to join them for the challenge and hopefully raise lots of money!!  These are now referred to as DAFs – Danny, Alison & Friends!

Meet Danny & Alison,

The other shady characters in the photo are Phil & Lynne

So the DAFs taking on the full ding-dong-do so far include:

Cathy, Mags, Theresa & Danny Higgins (80% of Pig’s sisters!), Joe Smyth (Pig’s nephew), Alison Peachy and friends Andy, Rick, Susie, Emma, Liz, Phil, Lynne, Julie and Laura.  Theres also Alison’s sister & friends of Pod, Jane & Gary Crook, Karen Bradshaw and Nick, Al Morgan.

There are also some rumblings that the following may be joining in for all or part of…..

Pig & Jorgie, Huw, Jonny & Jo…………….


We salute all you walking Monkeys, you 3Peaky Blinders

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Love  Pod&Pig




Well done to the Peakies who completed their challenge in blazing sunshine one the May Bank Holiday Weekend. We salute you, each and every one! xxxx