Carolyn’s Insane 50 Miler

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Carolyn is a friend and work pal of Pig’s missus Jorgie, and she is running the Lakeland 50  – initial idea being one mile for each of her 50 years – she doesn’t look it tho….  When she heard about Pig & Pod’s horrible diseases, she decided that she would use this complete madness to make some money for our cause.

This is Carolyn, at the end of running the Sandstone trail (something like 36 miles!!!) as part of her training…..

So whats The Lakeland 50?  Well it is one of the greatest ultra running and walking challenges in Europe, perhaps the world. It is run over the second half of the Lakeland 100 Ultra Tour of the Lake District, completing the final 50 miles of the 100 course. As it’s only half of the Lakeland 100 course it’s the easy option.. right? That’s the first and worst error you could possibly make..

It’s a fact that 50-60% of the 100 mile competitors don’t finish the course, 80-90% of those drop out prior to or ‘at’ half way. Many great ultra runners have started the 100 course and found it just too difficult, too demanding.. half of the course was ‘enough’. The Lakeland 50 is ‘half of the course’, it’s almost double the distance of a marathon, it’s on rough terrain and there’s approximately 3100m of ascent to deal with. Whether you choose the 50 or the 100 mile course.. there is no ‘easy option’ available. The Lakeland 50 is a huge challenge, it requires commitment, drive and the ability to ‘just keep going’ when most folk would ‘just rather not’.

So to summize Carloyn is going to run, walk, crawl, piggy back, skip, hop over relentlessly tough terrrain with her pal Michelle, through day & night facing whatever gorgeous (haha) weather the lakes can summon.

Please, please, please give some meaning to this insanity by sponsoring Carolyn on this epic adventure.  Huge respect and thanks to the lovely Carolyn and Michelle!

Loads of love

Pod & Pig x